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Located in Buda Texas, I am an occupational therapist, certified Klose Manual Lymphatic therapist, certified Beckman Oral Motor therapist, certified cupping massage therapist, and certified in laser acupuncture for allergy clearing. 

I treat patients at my in-home clinic located in Buda, Texas with current COVID health and safety protocols. Address provided upon booking. 


When my work brought me to Austin I quickly began to develop environmental allergies reacting to mould, grasses and of course was struck with cedar fever! 

I wanted to find a solution to my allergies without needing to take daily allergy drops or undergo monthly injections.


I needed something natural, quick, and pain-free


Suffering from allergies for the rest of my life was not an option.

I discovered laser therapy for allergy relief and have begun my healing journey towards being allergy-free and able to enjoy all seasons again.

My passion is to help you heal.



I used to get large bumps after a mosquito bite that wouldn’t leave for weeks. Now I only get a small red mark that leaves within 2-3 days after just 2 sessions.


Amelia really helped my cedar fever. She uses local cedar during the treatments combined with a vial. I felt benefit after my first session and completed 3 sessions and was able to go outside without symptoms even though cedar was at a record high.


My natural deodorant used to make my skin become red and very dry. After 3 sessions designed to clear me from my deodorant I was able to wear it no problem and with no reaction. 



Acupuncture for allergy elimination was first established in Germany in the 1960s. Since that time, traditional acupuncture therapy and innovative laser acupuncture for allergy elimination has been found worldwide, benefitting many people by providing relief from allergies including seasonal, pet, food, and chemical allergies. 

How does it work?

Laser therapy for allergy elimination aims to calm the body and open blocked energy pathways that may be resulting in allergic reactions. The goal is to calm the body in the presence of the allergen while opening your meridians. The next time your body interacts with the allergen you have been treated for, you will have a lessened or no allergic reaction to that substance.

How long does it take?

Treatment takes approproximaltey 15-20 minutes.


How many sessions do I need?

Depending on your body and the severity of your reaction, it typically takes 1-2 treatments to see results. Pet allergies typically take 3-4 treatments and anaphylactic reactions typically take 5 or more sessions to clear.


How long will my results last?

Effects may last for 3-5 years or for a lifetime depending on your body's response.

Can my children/infant receive treatment?

Yes. Children and infants can be treated for allergies. No needles are inserted during the treatment and it is pain-free. 

Is it painful?

No! The majority of clients do not feel anything during laser treatments. Some people will feel local heat on the skin, referred sensations in other parts of the body, or local tingling sensations which subside once the laser is removed from the area. 

Are there risks?

An increased allergic response and symptoms following treatment may occur, however this generally subsides within a few days to a week, however may last up to 28 days post-treatment. Once your body has calmed, the majority of clients have a decreased response to the allergen or are allergy-free. 

I am currently on allergy medication- should I go off of them to see if treatment is working?

This is not a question I am authorized to answer- you must speak with your doctor regarding potential side-effects of going off of allergy medications. Some allergy medications are known to have withdrawal effects ranging from excessive itching to producing extreme allergy-like symptoms. Talk to your doctor about making a plan to go off your medications. 

Do you offer concierge services in-home?

Although previously offered, concierge in-home services are no longer available. Services are done at my in-home clinic located in Buda, Texas. Should you have mobility difficulties, in-home services are available at an additional charge based on location. Please inquire with address for in-home services and additional fees. 

How do I know treatments are working? 

I recommend tracking daily allergy reports in your phone calendar and monitor your symptoms accordingly. 


Why Suffer?

My hope for all of my clients is that they will find relief from the allergies that are impacting their lives.


It can be difficult to function in everyday life when allergies get in the way and luckily laser acupuncture can be a great solution to eliminate your allergies potentially for life!

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Relief awaits...

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