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Tracking Your Allergies

Updated: Jan 7

How do I know what I am allergic to if I'm basically allergic to Austin?!

Knowing exactly what you are allergic to can be difficult- especially while living in Austin or any city notorious for making us sneeze!

If you don't want to opt for a skin or blood test from your doctor, you can simply track your symptoms in your calendar- best part is it is FREE.

A pro tip is tracking your allergies on your phone calendar or google calendar and checking local allergy reports daily. You will quickly discover a trend that will help you determine what is bothering you and contributing to your symptoms. Note the days you are feeling your allergies and rate the severity on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is no symptoms and 10 is severe allergies.

I can certainly muscle test you for your allergies, however I find tracking your allergies and being proactive usually leads to a clearer and fuller picture of what is bothering you. Notably, if you go out of town, to a new home, or are travelling in general look up the local allergy report where you go or note any dust or household molds that could be contributing to any symptoms.

Check out the Austin allergy report here. This is updated DAILY except for weekends.

Here's how to track your allergies:

Let's say your allergies are acting up.

1. Google "Austin Allergy Report"

2. Note in your calendar which allergens are high, low or medium

3. Note the severity of your symptoms on a scale from 1-10

4. Show me your calendar at our next appointment and we can analyze what you have tracked!

It's that easy! Take control of your allergies and be your own detective.

Here's an example of a daily allergy report:

Photo from KXAN daily allergy report website.


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