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Updated: Jan 7

Health is wealth and as you all know our health is impacted by our environment, daily decisions, relationships, and many other factors. We can curate our life as much as possible to fit our dream and vision, but there are some things we simply can't control- one of those things being the quality of our TAP WATER.

Did you know that Austin water contains many harmful chemicals including cyanide, nitrate, and chloroform? Did you know that many harmful chemicals and carcinogens are not even tested due to lack of governmental regulations surrounding drinking water?

City of Austin recommends all infants, older adults, and immunocompromised individuals to seek information regarding finding safe drinking water by talking to their healthcare professional. Makes you think- if someone who is vulnerable shouldn't consume it then why should a healthy individual?

Getting cleared and rebalanced for chemicals can help reduce bodily reactions to the chemicals found in our drinking water.

HOWEVER, I also recommend getting smart about your water and only drinking reverse osmosis water. If you don't have an in-home reverse osmosis system set up you can opt for my favorite (Erin Brockovich approved) counter-top reverse osmosis water system, Aqua Tru. For years I thought I was drinking safe water using my Brita and Zero water filters- since starting using Aqua Tru, I have learned I was severely misinformed. When comparing water from my Brita to the Aqua Tru, the Aqua Tru had no odor while the Brita had a slight odor.

Scared you won't get the minerals you need? Drop them back in your water with the Aqua Tru Perfect Minerals.

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I also highly recommend purchasing a second water filter to store extra water in the fridge or picking up some glass water bottles you can store in the fridge and have ready to go if heading out the door. I love having extra water bottles filled for guests and to grab on the way out the door!

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